Farmacqua Bolle

All the bubbles you can wish for

Sparkling water is ideal for the preparation of drinks flavoured with herbs and fruit, a valid alternative to sugar-based beverages. The choice of water to use is no less important than the fresh ingredients because it determines most of the resulting flavours and quality.

Naturally tasty recipes

Cooking, in addition to being a passion, is above all a matter of elements reacting with each other. Choosing the right water to use helps to improve the quality of a well-prepared dish and the food we eat. Also in the kitchen, it is important to recognise the important contribution good water can make. Just think of doughs, leavened products, ice creams and sorbets. In cooking, sparkling water contributes to reducing the oxidation of food, it preserves colours and makes foods naturally tasty, thanks to its mineral salt content.

1 device, 3 types of water

good in quality and light
ideal for daily hydration
ideal for cooking and preparing food
Pleasantly sparkling water, refreshing and ideal for tasty recipes
Active Oxygen,
For domestic use.


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