Farmacqua Oro

All this and even more

Guaranteeing a right supply of good and light water to our body means taking the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to bring good and light water into every home, to point out the importance to stay properly hydrated, and to promote healthy drinking. The new evolution is a device that will keep you always up-to-date on the supply status thanks to a Smart technology.

The only device that talks with you

The best is never enough for us. We are constantly seeking new technologies and new input, and this leads us to always set new goals. We have combined simplicity and the quality of our water, with the latest technological innovations, creating a state-of-the-art product, which we will doubtless continue to develop, together with you.


All you need is at hand…..(on your phone)

Dedicated APP

good and light
ideal for daily hydration
suitable for cooking and food preparation
Active Oxygen,
For household use.
New-generation Management System
enabling to acquire all the sensitive data coming from the device, displayed on the downloadable dedicated App.


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Via Cascina Venina 2/A 20090 – Assago (MI) ph. +39 02 94757916